This series is a project that took form as a daily observation of my near environment, a process of appropriation of urban landscape. The images portrait several cities in Britain where riots took place in 2011. Blind windows, traces of past reconstructions, the brick as a symbol and also a sign of difference in social condition, the building as a mirror of the people that reside in it. The images reveal not only marks of history but also a form of constructed landscape of the world that we are living in. My intention is to transform daily objects into a spectacle of their own reality. I create portraits of those who live there, without showing them directly.

This website is built to reflect on the process of making as a creative embodiment of experience, a sort of performance where the landscape is displaced from where it once belonged into a new space through arbitrary patterns that create new fictional narratives. The indexical tension between place and meaning are structured into a new set of relations between places that are physically impossible to juxtapose. Images in the site form a constellation of relationships but we are not allowed to see them all at once, as always, it is only a fragmentary and partial perpective.

No Way Out is a personal view, a journey into a new understanding of the landscape in which I live in and also a new understanding of my long term research on portraits in absence, with the aim of revealing (the construction of) identities within contemporary life.


Rosario Montero is a photo based artist with a BA in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile and a MFA from the University of Chile (graduated in 2007). She had her first solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural de España Gallery in 2004. In 2006 she published her first photography book, "Parallel Views". In the year 2010 her work was part of the selection of contemporary Chilean photographers for 02/CNCA. Recently she has been part of C Photo edition, "New Latin Look" Curated by Martin Parr. She has participated in several collective exhibitions in Chile, China, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela. In 2010 he won FONDART (Chilean art fund) to develop "Ciudad Ideal". During 2009 she creates Puro Delirio a photography studio specialized in art-work documentation and fashion. Today she is director and editor of Contrahilo, a visual portfolio of fashion creators. She currently lives in London, UK where she works on several projects related to photography and is enrolled as postgraduate student at the MSc Digital Anthropology(2012-2013) at UCL.

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